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The Mission

I have long been passionate about both video games and music as artforms and entertainment. I first put the two together when I made a game with a colleague called star Invaders and wanted it to have an original soundtrack. I decided to do it myself and came up with tracks I am still happy with even today, though obviously I have improved massively since then. My mission is to teach you all the knowledge I have acquired in between then and now so you can write soundtracks to your games and for others. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or already a musician in other regards, this site will become an extensive source of information that you can use to speed up the learning process and get you closer to your goals of writing video game music.

About Me

Shelby leon wright

Music Composer, BA. Hons

I have been into make music and teacher all my adult life but it is only in the last few years I started to understand how to turn my passion into a living. I am dedicated into helping you do the same. You can always reach out to me and I will be here to help you on your journey.


  • BA Hons - Music Production

  • Standard and Higher Diploma in contemporary music


I have been teaching piano and guitar privately for 20 years and I was the head of a music department for a decade, up to the point I made composing my full time income.

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