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Who is Make Game Music For?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Hello and welcome to Make Game Music, my name is Shelby and I have created this site and YouTube channel for aspiring composers and games makers who want to make their own soundtrack. I will generally target the YouTube channel to beginner and Intermediate composers with courses and mentoring being directed to potentially more advanced musicians who are wanting to make a career out of this industry.

What I have planned for this year

Throughout 2022 and even towards the end of 2021, I have had the idea to start teaching musicians and game designers how to make professional music for video games. Initially I just thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a YouTube channel where I could attract a small community of people with similar interests, but after much thought and a few test videos, I have decided to go all in on this concept.

So yes, the core of my content will be on the Make Game Music Youtube channel, but there will be much more for those who really want to learn to delve in. This blog will be a useful resource for you to get reviews of products, tutorials, music business and many other topics. I am offering my time for 1 on 1 mentoring sessions, I will be releasing structured courses starting later this year and I will be making project files available to people for some of the videos I make on Youtube. In addition, for game developers, I will be offering composing services directly from this site, as I know this may end up being the main hub where people can find me; though I will still be offering this service on (where I have full soundtracks for download).

I understand that I have to develop a lot of extra skills to make this all work but I have already noticed I am slightly better at presenting my videos and my writing will certainly improve as I keep this blog up to date. However, after writing hundreds (possibly even thousands now) of pieces of music for clients and libraries, I feel now is the time to start sharing all the knowlege I have accumulated over the course of 20 years of composing.

Thank you for reading this first post and if this is an area of interest to you, consider bookmarking this site and checking out the YouTube channel. I wish you all the best for 2023, lets make it the best year yet!


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